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Palm Tree Shaving Gold Coast


What is Palm Tree Shaving in Gold Coast 

When it comes to maintaining your landscaping, there is often a significant amount of work involved to keep your home looking its best, and Gold Coast properties are no exception. With the abundance of stunning palm trees lining the tropical streets, it’s important to keep up regular palm shaving maintenance to ensure that your property’s palm trees are always looking their best!


While maintaining a palm tree may sound easy, there is often a lot more involved than many homeowners expect. They grow tall, really tall and with this, they become heavy so when people decide to take on the job of removing old and dead fronds they are often exposing themselves to potential hazards that could cause a severe injury.




The easiest way to avoid this is to hire a professional! At Gold Coast Palm Tree Removals, we have been working in the industry for over 15 years. Every member of our team has the necessary knowledge, experience and skill to complete your palm tree shaving and maintenance quickly and effectively. 

A service we recommend in order to keep your palm trees looking attractive all year long is investing in getting your palm trees professionally shaved. Shaving involves removing the dead fronds and smoothing the trunk which is an integral part of proper maintenance. Shaving will leave your palm with a smooth trunk, resulting in a clean and fresh appearance. 

This particular form of maintenance requires working at a significant height, and for yours and everyone else’s safety, we recommended calling in a professional team.




Highly Experienced Team

At Gold Coast Palm Tree Removal, our highly professional team have years of experience in shaving palm trees all of the Gold Coast and neighbouring areas. Each member of our team has comprehensive knowledge in palm tree growth patterns and maintenance, so you can rest assured that every palm tree shaving job is done to the highest quality without you having to do a thing!


While many homeowners may prefer to complete their shaving and maintenance themselves, understanding the importance of never over pruning or over shaving is integral to a healthy palm tree. Over-pruning can result in slower growth or plant death. Our team understands exactly what is needed to promote and encourage your palm tree’s natural growth pattern.


Don’t run the risk of damaging your prized palm tree by over shaving, leave it to the professionals and get a perfect result every time!


We also offer much more than just palm tree shaving, as the name suggests Gold Coast Palm Tree Removal provide services in tree removal,sculpting and pruning. With years of experience servicing the local community we are the leading choice in palm tree removal and maintenance all over the Gold Coast. If you’re after a professional job, completed to the highest quality, get in contact with our team today!




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