Palm Tree Removal Cost Gold Coast

Palm Tree Removal Cost

Costs of Palm Tree Removal Gold Coast

Nothing says tropical weather like healthy palm trees. While they can look great, the reality of any palm is that one day it may have to be removed to make room for another. At Palm Tree Removal Gold Coast, we provide industry-leading competitive pricing on palm removal.

The price of the process is subject to a range of criteria, and our professionals can provide you with a quote that takes into account everything from location, tree size to property-type.


The location of the tree will affect how simple the extraction process is. Trees that are surrounded by buildings, fences, power lines or in populated areas, take more care during removal to ensure that no damage occurs to the surrounding areas. If your Gold Coast property has easy access for heavy equipment and adequate room for removal, the process will take less time.

How Big Is Your Palm Tree?

Larger palms require more care and deliberation and therefore will cost more to remove. During the consultation phase, our professionals will determine whether the size of your tree will require more machinery, additional team members or council approval. This will be reflected in the quote.


Finally, the time it takes to remove your Gold Coast palm will affect the final price of the removal. Large palms or trees in enclosed locations will need more machinery and care to ensure the safe and legal removal of the tree. Our number one priority is safety, and to ensure the safety of you and your property, we undertake this process with care and precision.

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